Update on the water crisis and how it affects tourists

February 6th 2018


While still in the grip of our worst ever drought, Cape Town is holding on. Local residents still have municipal water supply in their homes, but many are supplementing this with water from the many springs around Cape Town. Photos have gone around the world of people queuing at these points, which has perhaps led to the incorrect assumption that this is now our only source of water. While we should never underestimate the severity of the situation, these photographs can be misleading. (Some Cape Town residents have always drawn water from the springs out of preference, even in times of heavy rainfall.)

Our tourist industry is vital to our economy, so everything is being done to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We do however ask that you join us in keeping water usage to a minimum – taking shorter showers, not leaving taps running,etc. We would still love to have visitors to our beautiful city, but need your support please.

Photos courtesy of The Daily Maverick and The Guardian



Water, water everywhere …….. the water crisis in cape Town

November 6th, 2017


The  winter rains have come and gone and we are now facing a water crisis unlike anything Cape Town has experienced before.The rain we had hoped for didn’t materialise, and the normal soggy winter stayed away.Dam levels are at 38% this week, and allowing for the last 10% being unusable, this means the situation is dire.

Now with summer comes an influx of very welcome visitors, but the plea has gone out to all tourists to assist in keeping their water usage to a minimum. If we all pull together we should get through the crisis, and we can only hope that next year’s winter rain will fall in abundance.

Fire wind and water – Cape Town under threat (October 17th 2017)

The fire along the Twelve Apostle mountains this week serves as a grim reminder of the dangers we face this summer.

This time we were fortunate, due to certain factors:

The ancient fynbos that burnt high in the mountains was due for a burn in order to rejuvenate.

The only property under threat was the Twelve Apostles Hotel, which although evacuated, was not damaged.

After a few days the south-westerly wind fanning the flames was overtaken by rain, sparing the firefighters, who once again worked tirelessly to bring the blaze under control.

This comes as a serious warning that we all need to be extremely careful in the coming summer months. Even a cigarette can start a fire, and with our current drought crisis we have to take the fire risk very seriously in the coming dry months.

Wedding season! Special tours for your special occasion

With wedding season fast approaching in Cape Town, many brides are getting ready for their special day in our beautiful part of the world.
For those travelling to share in wedding celebrations we offer special tours at special prices, so that wedding guests can have the full Cape experience. With groups of more than 16 we offer a complimentary tour for the bride and groom (or two parents).
There are always the popular tour options which give a great overview of the Cape Peninsula and Winelands, but we will always accommodate special requests as far as possible.
Please contact us with any questions you may have