Look at all these blossoms!

Spring is the time for flowers and few places on earth provide more than the West Coast, right on Cape Town’s doorstep. Vehicles line up to see the flower carpet at Postberg Nature Reserve, some go further north to Namaqualand, but there is more than flora to see.

On a recent trip to see the flowers we came across spectacular views and many different animals, including zebra and ostrich. It was a sunny day with a light breeze and our lunchtime picnic at the seaside was great fun. The route is punctuated by rock formations, which are full of plants and often circled by birds of prey.

This island looks safe…

Postberg contains a flower bonanza in spring and also overlooks Schaapen Island. In the 1700s the French sailors travelling to the East considered it a good spot to leave their livestock, safe from wild animals in the middle of a turquoise-blue lagoon. They weren’t counting on a canny lion who decided to swim across and killed eight sheep on the island.

The town of Langebaan, which borders the lagoon, is a kite surfing hotspot and has the perfect breeze for everyone from beginner to professional. Stand Up Paddling (SUP-ing) is also hugely popular. Lessons for both are on offer, but we prefer to watch the kite surfers from one of the beachfront pubs!

Civil war and pirates. Aaarrrhh matey!

Next to Langebaan is Saldanha Bay, which was a popular spot for pirates in years gone by. Stories still abound of hidden treasure in the area. Today the bay provides shelter for many ships heading around the tip of Africa via the West Coast.

During the time of the American Civil War a Confederate pirate ship, the Alabama, arrived in Saldanha Bay. Cummings, one of the crew, died in a hunting accident and was buried nearby. He had the only confederate grave outside the USA, but his body was returned to home soil 131 years later.

Spring is the time to see flowers on the West Coast, book a tour with us today!